With more than A DOZEN years design experience, Doug ridley designs brings skilled knowledge and a proven track record to every project.



Obsessed with technology and the way we interact with it - I've been a UX/UI professional working on web & native mobile application design for more than a decade. For most of the past decade I have been in a leadership role working side-by-side while mentoring and challenging my colleagues to push our designs to create truly amazing solutions that solve complex user interface and process flow problems.


I've learned the value of user-focused design that can create amazing experiences. I place a high-value on User Discovery to create User Workflows which ultimately leads to better Product Refinement. As a firm believer in Version Control supported by Agile Methodologies – I bring planning and execution abilities to the continuous development lifecycle. If you're not questioning why your product needs this feature - your users will. 


Just because your product or feature is complicated, that doesn't mean your users should bear that burden. By solving those complicated use cases and complex business needs by applying UX strategy with a little out of the box thinking... and we can create a truly immersive - beautiful UI that puts your users at ease and connects with them on an emotional level.


Sometimes you have time - and sometimes you don't. After 100's of projects and thousands of hours, I know what it takes to get a project across the finish line without sacrificing on the essential aspects that make software design successful. With all of the new tools available today - rapid prototyping has never been faster - this allows us to quickly interact in the design process to make test theories and adjust - so that we can deliver on-time.


While I'm not afraid to tell you 'like it is', I am also astutely aware that your project is still your project. I will always listen to your needs and requirements, make suggestions and help guide you to the decision that I feel will make you most successful - but in the end, it will always be your decision on how to best present your product, feature or idea.


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I got into design In 1995 based on a need - my need. I needed promo materials and couldn't find anyone to deliver to my standards, so I just did it myself. That immediately led to others asking for me to design for their needs - and thus me - the designer was born. In 1999 I joined an SEO company and by adding user centered design principles added an immediate impact to the conversion rates of SEO sites. 

Intermixing a few years of freelance work - in 2006 I joined Playboy's digital team and eventually lead the design teams tasked with the creative for nearly 60 web properties. From there, in 2011, a starup Mobile App Dev agency gave me the opportunity to work with diverse dev teams and close to 200 projects. Then, in 2015, a stint as the Strategic Design Director with an industry leading company aimed at transforming their industry through technology - which coincidently is a very complex proprietary BI tool that integrates 60+ features used by everyone from the front-line staff to the C-Suite shot-callers. 


How often are these tools used?
While this isn't all I do - it certainly represents a lot of how I work.










The most exciting about being in UX is how fast technology moves the needle with what's possible. This constantly evolving space presents new challenges and problems to solve for. Additionally, users have become more immersed with technology and their needs, desires and ultimately demands have become more and more sophisticated. 


Remote Control App to integrate with Bose ControlSpace® platform. This simple, easy to use iOS & Android application to allow users to manage audio systems remotely. I created the user flows, wireframe and screen designs as well as icon sets to include in the desktop application this connects with.


Sales Objections

Omni-channel, Multi-Platform Sales Productivity Web & Native App Master every sales call with question objections. This is the ultimate platform to easily sell like never before. Designs were created for Web, Mobile (phone & tablet).

Pocket Wine Journal

The Pocket Wine Journal helps wine lovers catalogue wines for any occasion, mood or palate. Users can search by winery, varietal, name, price and personal notes. They can even capture personal photos from their wine tasting experiences and share with friends. I did the UX and UI work for all platforms and worked with the dev teams to assure cohesive display.



MOSTBEST brings professionally reviewed venues to your fingertips. Professional reviews determine the best venues for Food, Nightlife & Hotels so travelers can pick the best. Unique UI designs were created for each device type while the overall UX remained consistent to give a cohesive experience no matter how a user connects.


Geo-Social app platform for finding your friends and inviting them or being invited to join in the fun. Basing much of the design concepts on Material Design, this app keeps a flat-simple approach to complicated search and communication rules that enable users to easily navigate the app. 

Initiate Auto

Auto Dealership sales tool that uses BLE technology to identify the vehicle the user is looking at and provides detailed info on features, options and upgrades in real-time in the device. The biggest challenge on this project was refining the features based the user journeys to deliver a product that had only what the user wanted and needed. 



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